30 Sep

50 years ago today, on Friday, September 30, 1960, the animated sit-com “The Flintstones” premiered on ABC.

The show, about a “modern stone-age family,” ran for 6 seasons. Although all the voice actors were important in making the show such a success, it was the voice of Alan Reed as Fred Flintstone that was unforgettable.

Many felt that the show was a rip-off of (or “borrowed” from) “The Honeymooners,” and the similarities are striking.

One interesting note: The show’s creators William Hanna and Joe Barbera once said they tried every time period on Earth before settling on the stone-age. The success of “The Flintstones” would of course lead to the later Hanna-Barbera hit “The Jetsons.”

The Flintstones” premiered on This date in TV history. Yabba Dabba Doo!

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