18 Nov

59 years ago today on Sunday, November 18, 1951 Americans watched the first broadcast of Edward R. Murrow’s documentary program “See It Now.”

Sketch of Edward R. Murrow by Viondette Lopez, from Edward R. Murrow High School's 1978 Yearbook

Although the series run of “See It Now” didn’t begin until April 20 of the following year, the first edition broadcast was on this date in TV history.

“See It Now” was hosted by legendary journalist Edward R. Murrow and was a TV version of his radio show, “Hear It Now.” The TV show is now best remembered for its broadcast of March 9, 1954 which took on controversial Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Other broadcasting icons who worked on “See It Now” include Executive Producer Fred W. Friendly and Don Hewitt who was the show’s director. Some 20 years later Hewitt would go on to become the creator and driving force behind “60 Minutes.”

Artwork © Viondette Lopez

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